Sunday, 16 May 2021

How John came into my life



esus heard my musing and had a plan for a long time, only I didn't know that at the time. Like an incorrigible creature of habit The next evening I sat again in my familiar spot at the bar, and light a cigarette in my hand.

My attention was directed to a beautiful brown hand with white nails next to me on the bar, and made me curious to who sat next to me. . I turned my head and looked into a pair of bright blue eyes in the sunburnt face of a boy who didn't look familiar to me. He smiled at me kindly and I in turn had to be a bit too laugh. I figured he might be from foreign descent. We introduced ourselves and started a conversation. It felt good and we were soon an hour further. It was now dark and I got up to go home. He politely asked me how I was going home and I told him I would take the tram.

He also got off his bar stool and suddenly I realized this the boy who had been recording me in the back of the bar the night before, and now walked me to the tram! a bit awkward and shy we said goodbye. It later turned out that we had both wondered, will we ever see each other again or was this a one chance meeting?

The following week we were inseparable and like old friends every night we sat in the pub questioning each other about everything.
I knew by now that he had a younger brother, his mother had died at a young age and had a second mother. Had learned to be a diesel mechanic and lived in R'dam-Zuid. One evening he suddenly told that he was going to spend the next vacation with friends would go to Turkey. I got a strange feeling in my stomach.

While I thought I would build a beautiful relationship, he was also with completely different things been busy. What was he going to do there? It was the time of anything goes, 'New Age', drugs. It became a different farewell that night. Well a nice trip I said, trying my as nice as possible to him. Thanks! he replied, also somewhat un- easy, I noticed. On the way home I had to hold back my tears and was confused about such emotions. Had I fallen in love?

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