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In love, engaged, married and the birth of our twins.



he big question for me remained of course, believe this boy also in God? He still remembered the beautiful Bible stories that used to be told in school, and he was certainly open to it and wanted to know more about it. In time, John was converted. We became engaged on November 7, 1967 and the following year on May 29 we got married in the Reformed Church in IJsselmonde.

We hoped to have children and start a family soon. At the time, married women were not allowed to work and I also had to give up have my job. I was skinny and not very healthy. The years of partying had took their toll, so it didn't work out. After the doctor gave me some pills that made me more stronger and I was pregnant quickly, and what a surprise when it turned out to be twins!

They were born two months early. It were two boys.We gave them the names Richard Franciscus and Edwin Izaak. They weighed 1180 and 1260 grams. It was a shock to see such vulnerable little creatures. Immediately they were taken by incubator to the Sofia Children's Hospital.

I was in the Dijkzicht hospital for 10 days. John visit me and our baby's every day and keep me informed about the situation. After the fourth day he had a very sad message; Edwin did not make it and died. Also for Richard they didn't give us much hope. Together with family and friends we have God begged to keep Richard.

The doctors and nurses fought to keep him alive. Our child also fought himself they told us later. We thanked God who had answered our prayers. After three months of seeing him grow and only allowed to see him a behind a window, he was finally allowed to go home and we could take him for the first time in our arms. How happy we were! 
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