Thursday, 25 July 2024

About Hear, O Israel


y name is Richard Hensen, I’m 52 years old and living in The Hague in the Netherlands. The reason I made this website is my believe in God and my moms love and affinity for Israel. My mom, Adriana van Rossen and her friend Fia Wit, founded a congregation to tell and teach about Israel through God’s Word. They organized many guestspeakers to talk about Israel and sponsored a few projects in Israel.

richard aboutWith Fia Wit’s son Bart, I started to make music in this church for a couple of years. Later on Bart and I founded a coverband NoNotes ( and we still play together.

My mother travelled to Israel many times and when she returned, I always would listen to her wonderfull stories and the interesting people she met.

This is what made me start thinking of making a website and collect all wonderfull stories, testimonials and music about Israel. My main goal is to reach and inspire all kinds of people to share these stories with and to bring love in their hearts for God’s people.