Sunday, 16 May 2021

How John came into my life part 2



he week that followed I had no desire to go to my favorite pub and sat with my oldest sister every night and talked a hundred about that nice guy I met. I always found a listening ear by my sister and she noticed that this guy made a big difference to me made with the other friends I have had.

The following Saturday I went back to our pub, what did I expect actually? Of course I thought about John. Where would he be now and what was he doing partying with his friends? I lit another cigarette.

Suddenly afterwards the door swung open and I heard a voice that seemed familiar to me. I turned my head and saw John enter. The way he looked now I hadn't seen him the week before. He was wearing gray dress pants with a lilac purple shirt that contrasted with his brown face even more, and over ita blue blazer. Smiling at me, he shook out his umbrella outside the door. The rain came pouring down from the sky.

I couldn't contain myself and had to laugh terribly, the nerves of course! The trip with friends to Turkey had seemed nothing to him after all, and actually he hoped to see me again. I had never been out of his mind. He sat next to me on the bar stool and we kissed each other for the first time.

From that day on we were inseparable from each other. And so we started together on the journey of our lives, of which we still had no idea at the time how it would go. But God already knew!

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